Logo Design


Lets define it!

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. The logo (ideogram), is the image embodying an organization. Because logos are meant to represent companies' brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition, it is counterproductive to frequently redesign logos. Color is considered important to brand recognition, but it should not be an integral component to the logo design, which could conflict with its functionality. Some colors are formed/associated with certain emotions that the designer wants to convey. For instance loud primary colors, such as red, are meant to attract the attention of drivers on highways are appropriate for companies that require such attention. In the United States red, white, and blue are often used in logos for companies that want to project patriotic feelings. Green is often associated with the health and hygiene sector, and light blue or silver is often used to reflect diet foods. For other brands, more subdued tones and lower saturation can communicate reliability, quality, relaxation, or other traits.


What can we do?

Over the years, our company has developed out of the box logo designs for organizations with great success, logos that communicate well, they are memorable and provide the viewer with a feeling of trust for the organization with the specific logo.

We have our own methodology in getting there, which provides our client with safety and without stress, through a professional business communication.

For us the company or brand logo is a very delicate work that needs concentration and attention to details since is the first contact of the prospective client with your business or product / service.
With us you will have the logo that is suitable for your business / product / service either this is an extraordinary, or an out of the box thinking or conservative one. We prepare the logo that is suitable for each case, taking into consideration the organization as a whole and the concept behind it.



Primary aim when we were developing our methodology was the satisfaction of the client and achieving for him the best return on investment that can be achieved.

For this reason we follow the steps outlined below, that guide us through the process of developing a company presentations safely and without mistakes / errors:

Meeting with the client and review of the work done until now on the branding of the business / product for which we need to create a logo and analysis of the work that needs to be done
Draft idea
We prepare in draft form what needs to be done and a roadmap of getting there
Revisions & Agreement
Client reviews the drafts and gives us feedback. We prepare new versions until the whole concept and roadmap are agreed
Design work
Our design team prepares the actual logos based on the agreed drafts
Revisions and Agreement
Client reviews the logos and gives us feedback. We prepare new versions until they are agreed
Final logo is delivered to client on CD ready for printer shop

We provide all our clients a perfect combination of quality and affordability through a package without hidden costs. Our client knows from the beginning what he is getting and when, how much he is paying and when.

Contact us for any of the above mentioned services or for any other kind of web related service you may need. If you can imagine it, then we can do it!