Joomla! Custom Components / Modules / Plugins Development


Lets Define it!

A Joomla! Custom Component is an application that is accessed by users over a Joomla! CMS website. The term may also mean a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported programming language (such as JavaScript, combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable, always through a Joomla! CMS platform.

Joomla! Custom Components are popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers, and the convenience of using a web browser as a client, sometimes called a thin client. The ability to update and maintain Joomla! Custom Components without distributing the rest of the Joomla! Website, is a key reason for their popularity, as is the inherent support for cross-platform compatibility. Joomla! Custom Components include webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, wikis and many other functions.

What do we offer?

Our company develops for you Joomla! Custom Components/ Modules / Plugins to make your business processes easier, error free and remove human error. These applications can range from online customer database management, patienrs management software with reports exporting, customizations to existing website or ecommerce platforms to really complex online accounting / ERP / Stock control software.

Fresh Ideas....

Most of the times a client calls and asks us: "I am thinking of doing this and that on the web.... What is your opinion?"

Well... this can be nothing or can be something really big!! So... our opinion is to SPEAK IT OUT LOUD!!!

If people's response is positive, then go ahead and do it!

Antici! Online can place the final technical tunnings to your idea and make it a reality.

Antici! Online Custom Joomla! Custom Components Methodology

The process of creating a custom Joomla! application by our Web Developing Team is the following:

Starting point
Project Manager meets up with the client and analyze in simple non-technical terms what needs to be done and how the design of the custom web application will be. This is done for each page and for each element the functions that it must perform (eg drop down menus, photo sliders rotation time etc) and at the end of the meeting we have an agreed specifications document, which states all the functions that will be performed by the website, as well as the workflow of the website in cases where we need extended functionality like customer login, e-shop etc.
Project Manager analyzes the specifications document to the web programmers and designers in technical terms and explains fully what needs to be done. At this stage questions are posted and we make sure we are all on the same page.
Design Alpha Version
Designer prepared the Alpha version of the web design for the application which in turn is agreed and finalised between the Project Manager and the client. Designer makes the needed revisions.
Alpha Version of the Web Application
Programmers provide the Project Manager with the Alpha version of the website application, that most of the times is 75%-90% as per the specifications given and looks 70% like the web design provided. Client is sent the link to see the Alpha version but no feedback is needed from the client at this stage. Link is given for informative purposes only.
Bugs Fixing
Programmers are given feedback by the project manager and they fix the bugs found so we reach the Beta version which is 95% the same as the specifications document and the design provided.
Client Presentation
Project Manager meets up with the client again at this stage and presents him with the Beta version. Client submits his feedback and project manager explains the final touches that need to be done to the programmers so we reach the 100% of what was originally agreed.
Code Delivery
Project Manager meets the client again and delivers him the final code of the website and presents him in the demo server how the website looks and behaves. At this point client gives us the order to upload the website on his server or to our server in case he booked an Antici! Hosting Package.
Project Manager instructs the Server Administrator to upload the files on the web server chosen.
Live site testing
Project Manager tests the live site and makes sure all is according to original agreement.
Project Manager meets up with the client and presents him with the live website.
Project is considered complete at this stage.


We provide all our clients a perfect combination of quality and affordability through a package without hidden costs. Our client knows from the beginning what he is getting and when, how much he is paying and when.

Contact us for any of the above mentioned services or for any other kind of web related service you may need. If you can imagine it, then we can do it!