Real Estate Websites


Lets Define it!

This is a dynamic website, effectively updated with latest properties for sale and/or rent by a Real Estate agent. An integrive part of it are the special offers / deals for properties available for rent and/or sale.

A successful real estate website sells on its own, meaning that the agent imports in his availability, people search based on their budget, area and other useful criteria, they find what they want, inquire about it, agent gets the lead on his email and in the website's back end, manages his appointments from there.

At the same time a successful real estate website, is the one that gives the agent a back end search for properties available, with notes hidden from the general public and back end search for what people need, so he can export a list with people that match a property and properties that match a person.


What can we do?

Antici! Real Estate Solution has been developed having the real estate agent and the searcher's needs in mind, this way providing a user friendly easy to use front end and a powerful yet easily managed back end.

Our solution has been implemented in multiple sites around the world, examples of which you can see below.


Features of our platform

Our powerful yet easy to use system provides the user and administrators of the website the following features:

Real Estate
Our solution is the ideal one for running a Real Estate website with properties for sale and/or rent
Search Function
User can search through the available properties that match his budget, property type, bedrooms, area (m2). All fields in the properties admin are searchable
User can see the featured properties added by the administrator
User can see the latest properties added by the administrator
User can see a property alone on the page, this way viewing its details, enlarge photos, videos and all fields added by the administrator like property type, area (m2) etc
User can see the properties in the language he chooses to
User can see the property prices in the currency he chooses to
Easily manage properties on the web
Publish and showcase your property with a click of button
Additional Fields
Add unlimited number of custom fields - Extra Fields (eg pool, heating, aircondition)
Attach unlimited number of photos with your properties
Add video to each property
Search Engine Optimized
User can print the details of a property
Send to friend
A user can select a property and send its information to his friends
Export to pdf
A user can export the details of a property in pdf format and send them to his friends
Back end search engine
The administrator can search through the back end search engine and find which properties match to specific user and which users match to a specific property, export the list and go to see the client having in front of him the properties suitable for him, so he can do business
Notifications on email
The administrator can set notifications so that the admins get email when a property is available again, in cases of long term rentals

Antici! Online methodology during Real Estate Platform Development

We have in place a methodology for producing a Real Estate platform, as follows:

Starting point
Production of a complete website is a process that starts with the analysis of the company profile of the customer, the logo, what needs to be done and the profile of the future visitors of the website we are about to develop.
We draft the specifications (what needs to be done and when) & we proceed with finding the perfect domain name and we assign to it a suitable hosting package after discussion with the client.
Design drafting
At the same time the chief web designer drafts the web design and we show to the client, analyzing where each element will go on the website. This is discussed and agreed upon in a meeting. Once this is done the web designer starts designing the website with graphics, based on the draft and the corporate identity of the client. Once design is ready we present it to the client and do final tunnings on it until everybody is happy.
At this point the project manager explains in detail the agreed function and design specifications to the web developers, who prepare the beta demo of the website for client to review. Client reviews the website together with the project manager and we fix bugs & revisions needed, until client is completely happy with the final deliverable.
Go live
Website goes live at this stage on its own domain. Presentation is done at client's office by our project co-ordinator.
Note that at all times the client views the demo of the website, through a link in the Antici! demo server, until it goes live. At the same time, we are close to the client even long after the website is completed.
 Once the website is live in its domain name, it's time to start promoting it. Below you can read about ways this can be done.


We provide all our clients a perfect combination of quality and affordability through a package without hidden costs. Our client knows from the beginning what he is getting and when, how much he is paying and when.

Contact us for any of the above mentioned services or for any other kind of web related service you may need. If you can imagine it, then we can do it!